Founder (Professor Hironori Otsuka – 10th dan )

The “Wado” story officially began in May 1934 when Hironori Ohtsuka registered his own style of Karate, which he called “Wado Ryu” and was recognized as an independent style. However, its origins were developed by Ohtsuka”s continuous study of all martial arts, formulating the “Wado” techniques by combining his own innovations and natural movements found in the other martial arts.


The full “Wado” story began on 1st June 1892 when Hironori Ohtsuka was born. He was born in Shimodate City, Ibaragi, Japan, the first son of Dr. Tokuiuro Ohtsuka, a Doctor of Medicine. Ohtsuka was first introduced to the Martial Arts by his great uncle Chojiro Ebashi who began teaching him Jujitsu.This marked the starting point of his life-long fascination and obsession with the Martial Arts. Read More