In India, this system of karate was introduced by Renshi Dr. V.K. Raajasekaran an International Referee and awardee. Renshi V.K. Raajasekaran, producer of the 30th Annual Karate State Championships, is a wonderful man, a terrific Martial Artist and teacher – and not to mention one of the first to bring Wado Karate to Bangalore, India.

Renshi V.K. Rajasekaran, has been taking Martial Arts since 1968. His primary style is Wado Ryu, but he has also studied Shorinryu, Shotokan, and Shitoryu . He studied Shorin Ryu karate in Japan under So Shihan Hoshu Ikeda.

Renshi V.K. Rajasekaran travelled to London and trained under Hanshi T. Suzuki (Wado International Karate-Do Federation) and has been awarded the 6th Dan Black Belt in the Wado system.

He opened up his first Martial Arts school in Bangalore in 1978. Bangalore at that time was completely unfamiliar with the art. This system currently is one of the largest karate groups in India having over 20,000 students and is the only system in India having a headquarters situated in Bangalore. The Wado system proves to be a very good karate system because it has a completely scientific background. It is an ideal system for people seeking knowledge in self defense and also physical fitness and flexibility. The Wado system has also been recognized by the All India Karate Federation, the governing body for Karate in India and the World Karate Federation. Other governing bodies of the Wado are the Japan Karate Federation. Indeed the introduction of this system has come to us as a blessing from the great masters from the past.

Renshi V.K.Raajasekaran certainly knows Martial Arts well! I hope many more people get the chance to learn from him. He can certainly be added to our list of Indian Legends!